Spending cuts and women's equality

posted 18 Sep 2010, 12:10 by Alex Kenny   [ updated 22 Sep 2010, 06:16 ]

Ken Livingstone has produced a detailed analysis of how the government's spending cuts will hit women and the most vulnerable sections of our communities - it contains some useful information.

Where the money goes: How we benefit from public services

posted 18 Sep 2010, 00:29 by Andrew Baisley

This TUC report attempts to set out the value of the benefits we receive from public services, using a new model of the distribution of public spending across households in the UK. The report also uses this analysis to estimate the losses to households as a result of the Government's proposed cuts in public spending by 2012-13.

Palestine: TUC agrees campaign to boycott Israeli goods

posted 17 Sep 2010, 09:58 by Alex Kenny   [ updated 17 Sep 2010, 16:10 by Andrew Baisley ]

 The TUC this week took another important step forward in its campaign to support the Palestinian people.

The motion was moved by Andy Bain of TSSA and seconded by Paul Kenny of GMB.  Supporting speeches were made by Mike Kirby (UNISON) and Hugh Lanning (PCS) as well as a speaker from the FBU.  Other speakers from UNITE and NUT wanted to contribute but time was limited.

The motion was passed unanimously.

Brendan Barber made a statement on behalf of the General Council supporting the motion and made the point that the proof that the “chain of supply” used by Israeli companies for goods could be demonstrated not to involve settlement good products – would lie with the companies – in other words there is a presumption of “guilt”.

The final paragraph also makes reference to “companies who profit from illegal settlements, the Occupation and the construction of the Wall”.  We know that there is substantial evidence of the profiteering by companies in the occupation and the motion therefore takes the campaign a further step forward.

Bernard Regan

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