The Socialist Teachers Alliance (STA) is a current within the National Union of Teachers, the UK's largest teaching union.

The STA plays a prominent role in current union campaigns - against the governments academies programme, in defence of public services and on SATs, Ofsted, pay, and the defence of comprehensive education.

Our members are active in the majority of local NUT associations and divisions arguing for policies which can unite the union in these campaigns.
We are active at every level of the union from school based activist to national officer.

We believe links with other trade unions are crucial to our work. STA members are always active in campaigns to support fellow workers who are in dispute with their bosses.

We have been active in building links with other public sector unions to ensure there is the maximum possible unity in resisting the government attacks on public spending, pay and pensions.

We have supported and initiated moves to increase the participation of women members, gay and lesbian members and black members in the work of the NUT.

The STA has consistently argued for the Union to take up issues of international solidarity, because  we are part of the international workers’ movement and our struggles are common ones.

STA members are actively involved in the
Abortion Rights, Stop the war Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Unite Against Fascism, Love Music Hate Racism, Campaign Against Climate Change, and No Sweat.